Another Day

New beginnings

Hello, lovely readers! As a washed-up editor of a high school yearbook with the desire to continue spreading my ideas through the written word, I don’t know what exactly this blog is going to entail; nevertheless, I am excited to write and even more excited that you are here to read what I write.

First, I thought I would tell you some background information on yours truly. I live in a suburb of Chicago, aka the most magical city in the world, and I am in a constant state of FOMO about the city life. In my lackluster town, I occupy most of my free time by binge-watching CW teen dramas and cheesy but classic comedies on Netflix, spending too much of my money on food, and hanging out in my friends’ basements trying to find better plans. The brightest local light is the mall the next town over, which is truly a safe haven for me with its beautiful storefronts and multiple Starbucks locations. But that’s enough about my riveting daily life.

As one of five children, I am incredibly loud, outgoing, and hungry all of the time. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old, which is the excuse I will use for never having a boyfriend. My family is top-notch and the craziness of growing up with such a large family has shaped all the aspects of who I am. I have phenomenal best friends who share my appreciation of both sleeping and shenanigans, and I can truly be the best, most real version of myself around them. Finally, I have two dogs who are also my reality TV watching partners, my therapists, and my idols. I seriously don’t understand how people do life without a dog because my pups are the ones that keep me sane.

That is all you need to know about me for now. I will probably discuss all of these significant components of my life further in my future posts on here, but at least you can have an idea of who I am and how I got to where I am today. Cheers to the first blog of many on this new adventure in my life!


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