Life's Little Lessons

What you will miss most about high school as you prepare for college

After four years of standardized tests, extracurriculars, Friday night sporting events, and school dances, the time has finally come for you to walk across the stage and receive your diploma. You did it; you are officially done with high school. Done with the petty drama, done with the classes you hated, done with the nonsensical rules.

You can’t wait for college and all the freedom that comes with it. But as four years of high school turns into three short months before college, you start to think about the things you will undoubtedly miss about your high school experience.

The Sense of Familiarity

It’s that feeling of community when you are in the crowded stands at your school’s football or basketball games surrounded by your best friends, your school friends, and those kids you met once at a party. It’s the comfort of feeling that you belong and you are at home. It’s knowing all the hidden gems in your city and having that designated hangout spot for you and your friends. Moving away from your hometown means starting over completely and trying to make your new environment feel like your home, which is usually incredibly difficult to match. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed and of knowing your hometown inside and out before you must adapt to a new scenery in the fall.

Your Hometown Friends

This is a big one. Your heart will break as you have to say goodbye to your ride-or-die friends that have been there for you through all of your heartaches, failures, and awkward phases in the past four years. You go from spending every weekend together, and during the summer, probably every day together, to being hundreds of miles away and Facetime-ing once a week if your busy schedules allow it. Cherish being able to go out with your friends on a whim because in the fall you’ll go to text your besties to ask if they want to grab Chipotle before realizing they are a few states over and it’ll be months before you’ll be eating burritos with them again.

Those Special Teachers

While you were so eager to never see your evil gym teacher or awful math teacher again, you also weren’t ready to say goodbye to the teachers who had inspired you and become your friends. And just like your friends, you’re going to miss seeing them every day and hearing about their lives. Whether it was a coach or a counselor or an administrator or a teacher that took a special interest in you and enriched your high school experience, you will miss the guidance and encouragement that they gave you. Make sure you thank these people for their impact on your life and get their information so that you can stay in touch with them.

Your Family (especially your Mom)

All of a sudden your annoying little brother is treating you better than ever. You start to look forward to the quality time with your dad that you didn’t truly value until you realized you won’t be watching basketball games with him and listening to his cheesy jokes on a daily basis in a few months. Your mom, the single most impactful woman in your life, will no longer be living down the hall from you; her warm bear hugs and random acts of kindness when you’re sad are now special treats that you’ll appreciate more than ever. Tell your family members that you love them often and set aside special time to spend with them because they will miss you next year more than you know.

College is all about moving on and getting a fresh start; however, you will never forget your high school years and your hometown that have shaped you into the person you are today.  Make the most of your last few months at home before you begin the most exciting years of your life.


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